The Waterfall Capital of The World

If you’re skeptical about traveling I hope that this paragraph will change your mind. After spending time away from home you come back with a new found appreciation of where you are from. You see things in a completely different light. You start to appreciate things from home that they may not have somewhere else. An example of this is the grass. The grass at home is a beautiful deep green and it’s comfortable to sit on. The grass in Queensland is very dry and spiky.

Another incredible way to see your home is through another persons eyes. I was lucky enough to travel back home with my boyfriend who was seeing Ontario for the first time. A different set of eyes finds enjoyment in things you never looked twice at. It really teaches you a lot about your city.

My hometown city Hamilton, is the waterfall capital of the world. There are over 100 waterfalls scattered around the outskirts of the city. SO MUCH EXPLORING TO DO.

Hamilton is on the Niagara Escarpment, which provides perfect conditions for waterfalls.

Most people from Hamilton say it is boring and that there is nothing to do. I thought this before my last visit. That’s part of the reason that I left. I was bored. But coming back I realized that there is so much beauty here; beauty that would not have been appreciated if I didn’t leave in the first place.


The above picture was taken at Felker’s Falls in Stoney Creek. Felker’s falls is a hidden gem right in the middle of a suburban area. You could get lost in this forest. It is literally across the street from a row of houses. How lucky these people are to have so much beauty directly across the street from them.

We traveled to Canada October 8-18. This is the perfect time of year to visit! All of the trees are yellow, orange and red. It is also still quite warm during the day, making it a great time of year to go for hikes.


I took this photo walking through the forest. Almost all of the trees in this area were yellow. It was incredible.

We spent another day hiking through Albion Falls in Hamilton. Another must see. And again, a beautiful forest and waterfall walking distance from peoples houses.

We went on a pretty intense hike through Albion, walking all the way along the top part, climbing down to the bottom and walking all the way to the waterfall, where you are able to sit right by the water. The featured image I used on this post was taken walking along the lower part of the pathway walking towards the waterfall.


We also stopped off at the Devil’s Punch Bowl in Stoney Creek, just before you drive down the mountain. It was formed throughout the years by glacial waters.. The drop is roughly 120 feet. There is of course a trail you can walk along here as well.



Unfortunately we did not get a chance to see the famous Webster’s falls, in the Spencer Creek area, but that is next on our list.

Above is a link to a website about Hamilton’s waterfalls.

I am really excited for my next visit home and plan to do a lot of exploring.

You really don’t appreciate where you are from until you have been away.




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