You deserve better.

Do you complain more about your significant other than you talk positively about them? Seriously, take a second and really think about it.

Do you cry multiple times a month over them?

What’s the last thing you told the girls at work about your boyfriend? Was it how he took you out for a nice breakfast that morning before work or that he yelled at you when you went out with your girlfriends the night before?

Way too many girls have no idea that they deserve so much better. I see it everywhere. Perhaps because I have been that girl who put up with being disrespected.

Now I find myself in a relationship where I am treated so well that it hurts seeing girls around me that are afraid of their boyfriends, hurt by their boyfriends and ultimately not treated the way that they deserve.

You deserve someone who picks you up from work at night so that you don’t have to take the bus and walk in the dark.

You deserve someone who picks you. Time and time again.

You deserve someone who takes you on dates and wants to show you off.

You deserve someone who brings you out with their friends and comes out with yours.

You deserve someone that makes you a better person.

You deserve someone that wants to be a better person for you.

You deserve someone who can deal with and doesn’t mind your sass. 😉

You deserve someone who cares about your safety and your health.

You deserve someone that cares about their own safety and health. **

You deserve someone who talks to you with respect.

You deserve someone who trusts you.

You deserve someone who you can trust.

You deserve someone that see’s you as their treasure and NOT as their trophy.

You deserve someone that would never lay a hand on you.

You deserve someone that you aren’t afraid of.

If you’re scared of your partner, you deserve better. If they have ever physically hurt you or threatened to hurt you, you deserve better. If they have ever verbal abused you, you deserve better. If they don’t care about your safety, you deserve better. If you don’t feel important, you deserve better. If they make you cry, you deserve better.

Picture your relationship. Now imagine you have a daughter, and she’s the one in this relationship. She gets yelled at and pushed. She gets put down and belittled. She’s scared to come home after a night out with her friends. She cries multiple times a week because she doesn’t feel good enough for someone who isn’t good enough for her. All because she thinks this is love?

What happened that made us think that this is what love is like? That it is okay for someone who loves you to scare you, hurt you, put you in danger or make you feel any less than what you deserve.

Love is supposed to be exhilarating. Love is growing with someone and wanting to be a better person for someone. Love is putting the other person first sometimes.

It’s not my place to tell someone that they should break up with someone, but I can tell someone that they deserve better.

The truth is-if you’re with someone that makes you feel bad about yourself or makes you feel worthless – YOU DESERVE BETTER. Someone who loves you, makes you feel better about yourself and keeps you striving to be a better person.